I had a question put to me recently about the size of reels people use for light spinning for bream and whiting. As happens whenever personal views enter the mix, opinions vary on whether lighter/smaller is better or a heavier or larger reel more suitable.

The argument for a heavier outfit was interesting. By "heavier" I mean 2500 sized reels on 2-4kg 7-foot rods. The reason most fishos seem to opt for a heavier reel is "in case" a bigger than average fish gets hooked. My issue with this is two-fold.
Firstly, a light outfit is often finely tuned and balanced and has the potential to cater for a multitude of species with the one outfit. Putting a 2500 sized reel throws out the balance of small flick sticks, makes the outfit bum heavy and leads to wrist fatigue.
Yes, you might be able to knock over bigger fish with a 2500 sized reel but why restrict your finesse advantage? If you stuck lighter line on a larger reel, where's the benefit? The only one I see is line capacity, but hey, just chase the fish! I have never had a fish spool me...ever (touch woood...).

The other is "wind" knots. I concede that a reel with a larger spool or arbour has less inherent problems with line tangles. The reason is simple; a larger spool allows larger loops of line to come off the reel, which effectively means less loops on a cast; I admit I did have issues with some older model 1000 sized reels and rarely with a 2500.

Secondly, the max drag settings on the current crop of micro spin reels will most likely never be utilised for finesse fishing, let alone a 2500 sized reel. Drag settings of max 1-2kgs are used through our bream rods, and trust me that's over estimating it. Do a test for yourself and run 1kg of drag through your 2-4kg spin stick! It will load more than you expect, I promise.

I use a 1000 Stella, 2004 Luvias and 2000 Certate for finesse fishing. These are the max size I run on light line finesse gear. The Luvias, even though has a higher model number, is substantially smaller than the Certate and is a brilliant finesse reel. It weighs a mere 180grams and has 3kgs of drag. It's a gun piece of kit and I have knocked over my fair share of jew and sambos on it. It can handle the heat all day, let alone a bream!

So I guess my advice, and take it with a grain of salt, is to go as light as possible. You'll be surprised at how far you can push light gear.

So what size reels do you use for light spin fishing?



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