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Fishing World May edition cover.

THE May edition of Fishing World is jam-packed with fishing information from Australia's best fishing writers.

While most of the rivers along the East Coast of Australia are recovering from floods and heavy rain, there are still prize fish to catch for the willing to adapt and dedicate the time.

Cover story: Fishing After Floods By Ben Caddaye
Fishing after floods is a challenging, yet common occurrence with La Nina in full swing along Australia’s East Coast.

Game Fishing: Make The Switch By John Ashley
Hand feeding live bait to marlin at the back of the boat is an exciting way to fish! John explains...

Beach Fishing: Surf’s Up In Melbourne By Pieter de Vries
Late autumn and winter is a fantastic time to hit the beach and experience the best of Melbourne’s surf fishing opportunities.

Going Tidal By Nate Grennan
Tidal water bass fishing can be challenging for those more familiar with freshwater tactics.

Managing Mackerel By David Green
Queensland Fisheries research suggests Spanish mackerel stocks are at critically low levels. Although, according to Greeny, something doesn’t add up.

Destinations: Ningaloo Station, WA, By Will Miles
Ningaloo Station on Western Australia’s Coral Coast offers access to world class fishing, the perfect destination for an unforgettable family adventure.

The May edition is on newsstands now, and is also available online.

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