NSW Labor to establish Sydney Marine Park if elected

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Shadow Fisheries Minister Mick Veitch.

NSW Labor has released a policy to establish a Sydney marine park if it wins this Saturday's state election.

An Election Policy Costing titled “Plan to Protect the State's Oceans and Marine Life” reveals Labor's six environmental policies and provides a break down of projected costs.

The policy costing "provides a fixed amount of $3.4 million over the forward estimates for a policy development process to establish a Sydney Harbour Marine Park."

A spokesman for Shadow Fisheries Minister Mick Veitch told Fishing World: “Labor supports marine conservation and has a long-standing position supporting a Sydney Harbour Marine Park. This does not extend to the Central Coast or Wollongong like the Liberals and Nationals’ failed proposal.”

“Labor supports multi-use marine parks, and under Labor there will be no new restrictions on recreational fishing in any future Sydney Harbour Marine Park unless these restrictions are agreed to by consensus of key stakeholders, including recreational fishers,” said the spokesman.

“A marine park proposal must also include assessment of how factors such as pollution and sewage impact fish numbers, and the severity of such impacts.

“Labor is committed to working with all stakeholders to work through these issues, just like Labor’s commitment to establish RecFishNSW to give everyday anglers a say in investing the revenue from fishing licence fees. That is the sensible approach Labor will take in government.

“The Berejiklian Government’s on-again off-again proposal for a marine park for Sydney put all stakeholders offside, especially recreational fishers, because the Government failed to undertake inclusive consultation. Labor does not support the Liberals and Nationals’ failed approach.

“Instead, Labor would consult widely before any detailed proposal is made, unlike the Liberals and Nationals,” said the spokesman.

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