Inox and Lanox review

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MOST fishos have used a can of Inox to prevent corrosion or fix a “stuck” moving part on a boat, trailer or fishing reel. It’s really useful stuff!

The good news is Inox has relaunched its range of lubricants with new packaging and a special Reel Maintenance Pack. Inox sent Fishing World a few cans of its MX3 and MX4 Lanox to sample and it’s been put to good use on the Fisho Bar Crusher, its trailer and all of the gear onboard. What exactly is Inox and Lanox?

Inox MX3 is a multipurpose lubricant which disolves corrosion, oxidisation and salt build up in vulnerable marine parts. As a lubricant, it frees up parts and eliminates squeaks. It’s a great preventive measure against corrosion, but also helps stop rust in its tracks.

For fishing gear I find it useful for maintaining moving parts and preventing corrosion. Its safe for most surfaces, meaning it won’t damage fishing line, plastic, rubber or parts on your rod. It also doesn’t build up and become sticky.

Lanox MX4 is another fantastic product and is a natural wax found in animal wool.

Lanox is renowned as a marine grade product to help prevent corrosion on moving parts. For me its the type of product I’ll use occasionally during a service, while Inox is used more frequently and across a broader range of gear.

Lanox is a fantastic option for trailer parts. A good option is to take a can to the boat ramp and use it while the boat is on the water. That way you can reach all of the parts and get the Lanox where it’s most needed.

It stays put and really protects your precious trailer against harmful salt. A worthwhile investment!

Inox also has a special Reel Maintenance Pack available which includes a can of MX3, a tube of MX6 grease and a bottle of MX3FG lubricant, plus a lure.

For more details about Inox, Lanox or the special reel maintenance pack, check out

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