REVIEW: Samaki 100% Fluorocarbon Shock Leader

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Samaki Shock Leader

Samaki Shock Leader

FLUOROCARBON leader material is changing the way recreational anglers target our most sought after sport & gamefish. Marlin fishers are now using lighter leaders resulting in higher strike rates than were ever thought possible just a few years ago. I’ve been using Samaki 100% Fluorocarbon Shock Leader for all my blue water fishing this season and it has proven itself to be the most abrasion resistant leader material I’ve ever used.

I’ve landed numerous mackerel and sharks while slow trolling live baits on this stuff which bears testament to its toughness. I’ve also found this material to have excellent handing qualities and ties knots better than any other hard fluorocarbon leader material I’ve used before.

At the time of writing my good mate Scotty Thorrington of Haven Charters (ph. 0419 440 869) had landed 93 marlin for his clients this season on Samaki 100% Fluorocarbon Shock leader which included a win in the prestigious Port Stephens Billfish Shootout. He uses Samaki 100% Fluorocarbon Shock Leader exclusively for all his offshore charter work and is widely respected as one of the most consistent billfish charter operators in the business.

Samaki 100% Fluorocarbon Shock Leader is manufactured in Japan using a triple resin process. It has a similar refractive index to salt water making it virtually invisible to predatory gamefish. It’s ideally suited to all forms of lure, fly and game fishing where high abrasion resistance and near invisibility are a prerequisite. I’d recommend you check it out at your nearest Samaki stockist.

Available in 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb and 130lb sizes.

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By Mark Williams

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